At Monark Camera Buyers we buy cameras and most other photographic items, old or new.
Also stereo cameras and just about anything 3D or stereo, especially View Master items.
We have many contacts throughout the UK photo trade and with collectors around the world
so even if not suitable for us we still may be able to find you a buyer for your item or collection.

Just send us a no-obligation
For Sale Email with all the relevant details.

We undertake independent valuations of single items, or camera collections for insurance or probate purposes.
Please Email Insurance Valuation for further details

We also run Camera Values web page for the 'Monark Price Guide'.
If you have cameras, lenses or accessories for sale please send us a no-obligation Email with the relevant details.

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Pre-Owned Cameras, Lenses & Photographic Equipment For Sale
(Part-Exchange Available on Most Items)

Please call us on 01 480 38 55 66
or e-mail us on
info @ cameravalues . com
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Most major Credit Cards accepted (sorry, no AMEX)
Please email us at Monark Cameras for further details of anything listed below.

Current Stock Listing - February 21st 2017
New items constantly being added, so please
check back often


New - Our Camera Light LED Conversions on

Vintage cameras converted to modern LED lamp

Fully UK PAT safety tested & unique to us!

The ideal gift for the camera collector in your life.

Special 3-for-2 Deal (cheapest item free) 1st Class postage included
New Lens-Pro 49mm UV Filter 5.00
New Lens-Pro 52mm UV Filter 6.00
New Lens-Pro 55mm UV Filter 6.50
New Lens-Pro 58mm UV Filter 7.00
New Digital Filters 62mm CIRCULAR POLARISING Filter 10.00
New Digital Filters 62mm UV Filter 7.50
New Lens-Pro 67mm UV Filter 8.00
New Lens-Pro 72mm UV Filter 9.00
New Lens-Pro 77mm UV Filter 10.00
Cokin A Series holders in 49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm & 62mm sizes and
Cokin A Series Filters available.
Too many to list. Please call
Cokin A Series Filter holder, front cover AND adapter ring - post free 9.99
Cokin A Series adapter rings - 49mm to 62mm - post free 2.99
Cokin P Series - Please call
Colorelief Stereo Nude Card #910 Delices du Revil 14.99
Colorelief Stereo Nude Card #920 Les Naturistes Caberet, Place Pigalle, Paris 14.99
Colorelief Stereo Nude Card #924 Caberet Le Pigalle, Rue Place Pigalle, Paris 14.99
Colorelief Stereo Nude Card #926 Caberet Le Pigalle, 14.99
Colorelief Stereo Nude Card #931 Diversite 14.99
Please note: The above Colorelief cards can only be viewed in 3D with a Colorelief viewer
(none currently in stock, but often available on eBay).
View Master 3D Reels - LOTS available. Go to the View Master reel list or call
3D Set for Olympus Trip 35 Cameras. (Stereo beam splitter + Print Viewer + Slide Viewer + custom mount + instructions)
Contact me for full details.  coming soon
Camerascope Metal 3D Viewer & set of cards 24.99
FED Boy Stereo, & Case 129.99
Iloca 1 (f3.5 lenses) 89.99
Iloca 1 (f3.5 lenses) & Case 89.99
Iloca II Stereo Lens Board, f2.8 with Shutters (several available) 17.99
Close Up attatchment for Iloca 1 camera (only) RARE 69.99
Loreo 3D (flash version) 39.99
Reveue Stereo Lens Board, f3.5 with Shutters (several available) 14.99
Viewmaster Stereo Projector (for standard View Master reels) RARE 229.99
Viewmaster Personal Stereo Camera & Cutter (make your own VM reels) 199.99
Viewmaster Mk2 (Euro) Stereo Camera & Cutter (make your own VM reels) 199.99
Viewmaster 'Blank' Reels to Mount your own VM Images (pack of 6 blanks) 22.99
RBT X2 Full Frame Stereo Camera + 2 35mm, 2 50mm & 2 135mm Lenses! 699.99
LARGE collection of Richard Verascope & Glyphoscope cameras, viewers &
accessories just in - Prices of complete cameras from 89.99 to 189.99
UNIQUE!  Lenticular camera from the Nimslo factory - 8 Super Angulon lenses! P.O.A.
MASSIVE collection of WT-102 lenticular cameras. Based on a Toyo 10x8 large P.O.A.
format camera with unique lens & scanning 'slit' shutter for high quality images.
3 new & boxed + LOTS of spare parts, lenses, backs etc + large box of
company paperwork.
Click here to see the 3D items for sale on commission in our eBay Shop
that may not be listed above.
Interested in Stereo Photography? Then join the UK Stereoscopic Society
EOS to M42 (manual) Lens Mount Converter, used 14.99
Jessops Praktica B to M42 adapter 17.99
Praktica B (Bayonet) to M42 (Screw) Adapter, (Original, not cheap Chinsese copy) 19.99
Canon PA-V16 Mains Adapter for EOS1D & 1Ds Mk I & II 24.99
EOS to M42 Lens Mount Converter  (for manual operation only) 19.99
Tamron Adaptall Mount, Con/Yas fit 12.99
S.E.I. Meter, Boxed with case and manual (later factory battery conversion model) 89.99
Hasselblad SWC, complete with finder 1,200.00
Holga Lomo 120CFN Starter Kit, boxed 29.99
Leica IIC Converted to IIIF D/A in 1957 + 50mm f2 Summitar 799.99
Leica M3 with 50mm f1.4 Summilux lens. ERC (no strap). 1229.99
Staeble Choro 38mm f3.5 lens, keeper & hood. L39 thread for Braun Paxette
Roeschlen 135mm f5.6 lens, keeper & hood. L39 thread for Braun Paxette
Clip-on finder & masks for above 124.99
Minolta 70-300mm AF f4.5-5.6 D 69.99
Tamron Adaptall Mount, Minolta MD fit 14.99
T2-mount, Minolta MD fit 9.99
500mm (Most T-mount Fittings) Several makes, from 69.99
NIKON (Also see Tamron for Nikon fit lenses)
Nikon F2 (several - from) 149.99
Nikon 200mm Nikkor-Q f4 (Pre-Ai) Excellent condition 99.99
Vivitar Nikon Ai Extension Tube Set, Boxed 24.99
Tamron SP 28-80mm f3.5-4.2 (27A) hood
Tamron SP 70-210mm f3.5 CF Macro (19AH) 89.99
Tamron SP 70-210mm f3.5-4 CF Tele Macro (52A) 89.99
Tamron 90mm f2.5 Macro & Nikon Ai-s Adaptall Mount 99.99
Deduct 10 from above price if Nikon mount is not required
Olympus Extension Tube 14, boxed (not auto version) 16.99
Olympus IS/L A-28 HQ Converter 24.99
Olympus Trip 35, several from 24.99
Tamron Adaptall Mount, Olympus OM fit 14.99
Right Angle Vari Finder for Olympus OM film cameras  49.99
Right Angle Finder & case for Olympus Pen F (1/2 frame film camera)  49.99
Access 400mm f6.3 Pre-set & PK T-mount 49.99
Tamron Adaptall PKA Mount, uncommon 69.99
Teleplus 2x Converter MC4, PKA 29.99
Tele Rolleiflex, f4 Sonnar (1/2 & 1sec slightly slow) 999.99
Rolleiflex f2.8 Planar, metered + Case (Recent service) 1,199.99
T2-mount, Minolta MD fit 9.99
Cosmic 35 (LOMO) 19.99
Kodak Brownie 127 12.99
Minolta Disc Special Correges Set (green) Boxed 49.99
Minox A (meter not working) + Flash, etc 119.99
Solida III CRF (Made in US Zone marking) 69.99
Torel Talking 110 Camera, NIB 19.99
Weston Meter + Invacone 24.99
Zeiss Steritar Beam Splitter (for 3D) 89.99
Zorki II (uncommon) 29.99
Interested in Old & Classic Cameras or the History of Photography?
Then join the Photographic Collectors Club of Great Britain
Olympus Camedia C5060, Battery & Charger 49.99
Panasonic GF-1 & 14-45mm 139.99

We always have a large selection of original camera instruction manuals, Hove User Guides, Focal Camera Guides
& original sales brochures usually available. Please call or email for details.

We usually have LOTS of items, especially camera manuals & books for sale on eBay that
are not listed above.

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We buy ALL cameras & other photographic items.
Also large collections of camera manuals, instruction books or brochures always wanted.

I am always on the look-out for View-Master reels, packs, cameras & equipment and ALL 3D (stereo)  items.
I am especially interested in any 'insider', dealer or advertising/promotion  items for my own collection.

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